Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinnertime Chronicles

4:30: “Mama, I’m hungry” “Eat the bagel you asked for (one and a half hours ago).

4:45: “Mama, I’m hungry” Said bagel has been looked at, but not consumed. “Eat the bagel you asked for.”

4:50: “I’m hungry, Mama.” Said bagel has been torn into 3 pieces. “Eat the bagel you asked for.”

5:03: “Is supper ready?” “Supper will be ready when Daddy gets home”

5:11: “Is Daddy home yet?” “No he’s not.”

5:17: “Supper ready now?” “Supper will be ready after Yo Gabba Gabba”

5:18: “Supper ready now?” “Not yet.”

5:21: “I’m hungry.” “I know hon, just a few more minutes.”

5:25: Supper is presented.

5:27: Toddler consumes one bite.

5:29: “I’m done now!”

5:45: Supper dishes are cleared away and washed.

5:50: “I want a snack!”

5:51: My head explodes.

The End.