Sunday, April 21, 2013

So, hi.

It’s been nearly a year.

I’m not the same person. I had no idea I grew so much in a year. It must have happened while I was sleeping, or something. That’s when the best ideas come to my head. Except on evenings when I have terrible insomnia, evenings not unlike tonight. So basically I get ideas when I’m sleeping and also when I’m not sleeping. I’m kind of complicated like that.

This blog used to serve a purpose.

It was to help me let go of all the stupid things I did as a child.

It’s done that. I no longer look down on myself with utter embarrassment.

It was to come to terms with my bipolar depression.

It’s done that. Not only do I now accept my condition, but I’m comfortable telling just about anyone about it. Especially those close to me who had absolutely no idea, no idea because I lived far away, and in my emails and phone calls I masked. I was happy, happy, happy. Yes, I’m doing fine (turn the tables before they realize I’m drowning in my own mind), how are you? 

It was to discuss my parenting mistakes, whether serious or hilarious.

It’s done that. Or perhaps it’s doing that. I haven’t decided yet. Nevertheless, my children seem to be thriving. I haven’t done them in yet, so I guess I can continue on the current trajectory with all its ups and downs.


Carmen said...

I missed you.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Carmen - I missed you too! Glad you are still around :)