Thursday, March 17, 2011

Read. Read This Book. Die. Die A Little Inside.

Behold!  Look what Preschooler picked out from the library ALL BY HERSELF:

Some one inherited Mommy’s love of kitsch!

Ready to peruse this blast-from-the-past? Here we go!

See Dick... bounce a ball with no shadow, bending the laws of light at will.

Is it a mystery orb? A massive drop of blood? A flying tomato?  
Only time will tell.
See Mom.  What is she ironing? A giant housecoat?

Women in the 50’s wore housecoats, not bathrobes.  Look it up.

See Jane... beat little Sally with a golf umbrella.

Show no mercy.

See Jane... strangle Spot with the red ribbon.


See Sally... dress-up like the Grim Reaper.  Of Clowns.

 Where’s my scythe?

To its credit, many a youth learned to read from "Dick and Jane," and its cute-but-disturbing illustrations.  Not nearly as offensive as Betty Crocker, but funny nonetheless.  


Marianna Annadanna said...

I like the first picture. "Read with Dick and GIANT STICKER"

Angela said...

@Marianna Annadanna: Yeah - the library could've been a little more strategic in placing their bar-code sticker. Unless they had some reason for censoring out Jane's name. Maybe the aforementioned umbrella-wielding, ribbon-strangling incidents...