Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sisterly Love

My two girls get along like champs, at least at this young age.  There's way more playing together than fighting; they're each other's best friends.  And, like friends, they share.


Even gross things.

Case in point.  The other night my family went out to a local brewpub with my mom and dad for dinner.  The kids ate macaroni and cheese with a side of apples and mandrin oranges.  Near the end of the meal, Toddler starts choking and sputtering on a piece of orange.  After a moment or two, she coughs up the offending orange onto her plate.  She then places the spit-out orange into her sister's fruit bowl, and then Preschooler promptly eats that very same orange.


Still, I know this sisterly love will only last for so long.  Pretty soon they'll be old enough to annoy each other, and then it may not be until they're grown up that they can say they are best friends again.

But I bet by then they'll be over the whole "ABC gum" thing.  At least, I hope they will.


Betty Fokker said...

My daughters also do gross stuff like this, usually way to quickly for me to intervene!

Marianna Annadanna said...

Meh. I might do that too. No biggie.


StephanieC said...

My husband won't even eat the other half of a chocolate that I've trial-runned before him.

Sure, sexy time is fine, but if it's food and I've had it near my mouth... NO DICE.

Nice to know your girls are that... close. :)

omg I am hopeless with word captchas... attempt #3...

jacqui said...

That's definitely sisterly love. I hope that never happened when my sisters and I were younger. If it did...I don't think I want to know about it.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Betty - yes, there was definitely no time to intervene!

@Mariana - the "5 second rule" is alive and well in my household

@StephanieC - I'm also horrible with catchphrase and it takes me multiple attempts to make a comment

@jacqui - I have a sister too, and we don't remember doing stuff like that. Maybe we were missing out on something.

Lizbeth said...

I used to do this thing with my brother and it went on for years. YEARS. My mom would make cherry cheese pie. I liked the pie but not the cherries. Sooooo, I would eat the pie and spit out the cherries. My brother would then eat the cherries and I'd just sit there smiling.....yeah, he rolled me down the driveway in a garbage can so he had it coming to him.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Lizbeth - kids are so gross!