Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello, Wisconsin

I was all set to write some snarky post about approximately 57 things that went wrong during our move. But that would be too depressing. Even for me.

Instead, I offer a pictorial essay exemplifying a typical Saturday in my home state.

Note: I am no photographer. If I were, my photos would look like this. Instead, they look like this:

Also, after this I promise to lay off the posts gushing about how great it is to live in Wisconsin. I’m just glad to be back, ya’ll.

That being said....

Husband, Toddler, Baby and I, joined my college roommate Sarah at “Dogtober Fest” at the Capital Brewery. Dogs socialized with other dogs, dog owners met other dog owners, and beer enthusiasts caroused with other beer enthusiasts, dogs, and dog owners. All proceeds from the event went to the Dane County Humane Society.

Only in Wisconsin can you:

Celebrate a humane society fundraiser in a beer garden starting at 11:00 on a Saturday...

... With live music,

... And hand crafted beers,

... And small dogs,

... And big dogs,

... And dogs in costume.

As you can see, the excitement was too much to handle.

Hello, Wisconsin. It’s good to see you again.


Desiree said...

I'd still like to hear your 57 things that went wrong...depressing or not. Hope things are going a little better. When we moved to TX, half way down I found out my stuff was not going to arrive for up to two weeks and then I found out my house was not going to have the utilities setup for about 5 days. I was freaking out pretty bad! Then my cell phone with all my TX contact...including the moving company was dropped in the sink at our first hotel and the hotel didn't have grass so my dogs wouldn't go to the bathroom and were super stressed and we didn't have a refrigerator in our KS City hotel so my food I packed to save $ all had to be tossed. Moving sucks...especially with children (and dogs). Super excited to do it again in about 8 months...grrr.

Lindsay Schultz @sayschu said...

I heart Felicity. I want to feel the way she feels. :)