Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 Million Day Blog Challenge #7: A Hobby I Have

I'm a great lover of hobbies.  That is, I like the idea of hobbies.

A couple times a year I decide I'm going to become the world's greatest "fill-in-the-blank."  I'll sink entirely too much money into supplies for my new venture. Then, after two weeks of diligent effort, I'll give up.  This is usually because my new hobby is hard, and I haven't the patience to persevere.

This happened with knitting.  This happened with canning.  This happened with scrapbooking.

But this didn't happen with blogging.  I avoided telling any one about my blog for several weeks, until I was sure I passed the two-week "this-is-hard-and-not-as-much-fun-as-I-thought" stage and entered the land of bona fide hobby.  I didn't want to tell every one I knew, "I BLOG NOW" only to have to tell them a month later, when they ask how the blog is doing, "Blogging? Oh. I don't do that anymore."

So, blogging is my hobby, as is writing in general.

But you already knew this.


SarcasmInAction said...

You are excelling in your bloggy hobby.
Yay you!

Fox in the City said...

I for one am most pleased that you kept at it with this hobby!

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@SarcasmInAction & @FoxintheCity - thanks :)

Marianna Annadanna said...

I'm so glad this is your hobbie. I would be lost without it. You can never stop.