Sunday, November 28, 2010

What I Did Over My Thanksgiving Vacation: The Good

The destination was my Parents’ abode. I haven’t been to my Parents’ Thanksgiving celebration in 3 years. This was not born out of any ill-will, but because it isn’t convenient to drive for 7 hours followed by another 7 hour drive home that same day, because some one (me) had to work the following Friday and Saturday. I know, I don’t know how this happened either.

It need not be said that my children were excited. They knew who Grandma & Grandpa were, and they knew they were a mere 1 1/2 hours away. Previous trips to Grandma & Grandpa’s house used to involve an interminable car ride followed by WTF?! Where’s my house?!

For what it’s worth they would have become just as excited by the prospect of going to Husband’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving, although it’s a 5 hour drive. However, it used to be a 7 hour drive to my parents, plus another 7 hour drive the following day to reach Husband's parents’ house, resulting in a double WTF?! Where’s my house?!

My kids ran around the our house like Dachshunds on crack, except they may have thought they actually were Dachshunds on cracks. WHO KNOWS?

We loaded up and drove to my parents house. We started unpacking to tally up what we forgot to bring. I forgot to bring any bras except the sports bra I was currently wearing. CLASSY!

The actual Thanksgiving celebration was lovely. I made 5 pies and 1 casserole. I ate 1 plate of dinner Thanksgiving evening, and another for lunch the next day. I ate pie for breakfast. Twice.

Friday is traditionally “Movie Day” at my parents, that is the relatives go to the movie theater so we can enjoy each others presence without having to talk to each other for a couple hours. Husband and I saw “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows: Part One.” Husband and I were especially excited, because we haven't seen a movie since “The Simpsons” movie which came out in 2007. Again, CLASSY!

All in all, I got to party with my family while enjoying a ridiculously large meal. I saw a movie for the first time in 3 years. My kids stayed up past 10:00 pm each day due to sheer excitement and junk food (resulting in approximately 48 meltdowns.)

I loved every minute of it.