Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 MIllion Day Blog Challenge #6: A Picture Of Somewhere I've Been To

I think this is the post where I'm supposed to post a photo of some far-flung destination I went to, maybe on my honeymoon or through study abroad.

I gots nothing.

I've been to lots of places around the U.S.A., but I've never been to the tropics or Europe.  I'm not one to have regrets about anything in my past, but I do regret never studying abroad.  And I got married a weekend smack in the middle of my third year of law school.  The Monday after the wedding, I didn't get on a plane.  I went to class.  Husband and I planned to head off to Europe for a belated honeymoon after graduation, but instead I got pregnant.

Which takes me to the place I'll provide a picture of:

Ohio.  Back when I was in law school and Husband was in grad school, we lived in St. Paul, MN. But mere weeks after our October wedding, Husband's graduate advisor took a new position at The Ohio State University in, you guessed it, Ohio.  We had a mere two months to make all living and school arrangements, pack up, and move.

To top it off, we only lived in Ohio for a couple months when I found out.... surprise! I'm pregnant.  What can I say, when forced to rely on each other as our sole source of companionship, Husband and I found ways of keeping busy.  Also, there was an ice storm.  The delivery room was mighty busy that following October.

Anyhow, although I supported our move to Ohio and all it entailed, I still felt, especially once I graduated, got a job, and had a baby, that I was stuck in Ohio.

So it surprised me to realize that even though I left Ohio over a year ago, that there are some things that I miss.  Of course first and foremost are the friends I left behind in Ohio.  But here's a short list of things I'd recommend, should you find yourself stuck in Ohio.

Bob Evans.  I know.  Everyone who goes to Ohio sees copious amounts of billboards advertising Bob Evans.  And you'll say, "Oh, I'll NEVER eat at Bob Evans."  But then one day you'll find yourself eating at Bob Evans.  It's the ubiquitous breakfast-all-day-long diner in the state, and the first place we dared to bring our new infant out to eat when Preschooler was just a baby.

Tim Hortons.  For those not in the know, it sells coffee, donuts, and a few types  of sandwiches. More importantly, it was open 24/7. I worked crazy late hours while in Ohio, and it was the only place I could get a decent cup of coffee at 8:00 pm.  God bless Tim Hortons.

The Columbus Zoo.  It's one of the most impressive zoos I've been to.  Whenever we had guests over for a long weekend in the spring or summer, we'd take them to the zoo.

German Village neighborhood, in Columbus.  It's a walkable neighborhood with lots of cute shops and restaurants, all very historic with the same cobble-stone streets and buildings as days of yore.  Also, there was a free Shakespeare-in-the-Park show every weekend in the spring and summer.  We only lived in the German Village for eight months before moving to the Dayton area, and I wish it were longer.

So there you have it!  Sometimes being stuck in Ohio isn't so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

Everyone talks about Tim Hortons, but they don't have those down here. They should, apparently.

Last time I was in Ohio was for a wedding about 8 years ago. It was good times.

The time before that, I was a kid, and we were visiting relatives. And our car got broken into.

Also, what the hell is up with cinnamon in chili, Ohio?

Fox in the City said...

I had NO idea there were Timmies in Ohio?! I can't tell you how it warms this Canuck's heart!

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Joshua - I have no idea what's up with the chili in Ohio. They're chili rebels out there :)

@Fox in the City - There were Tim Hortons everywhere in Ohio, but none in any other place I've lived. I really need some Timbits right now.

Carmen said...

OH.MY.GOD... I echo Foxy, us Canucks are just thrilled that you too have an obsession with Timmy's. In fact, I am drinking one RIGHT NOW.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Carmen - I just don't get it. Wisconsin and Minnesota are much closer to Canada than Ohio, but there's nary a Tim Horton's in sight. Yet they're all over the place in Ohio. Also, JEALOUS!

Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said...

My company is based in Miamisburg and Ohio is pretty much the most exotic place I get to go on business anymore. Not as bad as I though it would be...except them finding a dead body in the canal behind the hotel I was staying at. But of course that could have happened in any state. :)

Marianna Annadanna said...

Are you friggin kidding me!??! You know tim's?! I love you even more now.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Ali - It wasn't until I moved there that I learned Ohio is the home base for lots of companies. I guess it's a good place to do business!

@Marianna - Yes, Tim's!! They were all over the place in Ohio. Haven't seen one anywhere in WI, though, so now I'm Tim-less.

Anonymous said...

We have Bob Evans here in KC. There's always lots of old people shuffling in and out. :)

I've only been to Ohio once, and I busted my head open. Great memories.

jacqui said...'s a 30 million day blog challenge now? That seems excessive. I've never been to Ohio, so thanks for the tour!