Monday, January 30, 2012

[Insert Witty Title Rhyming "House" With "Mouse"]

We had mice in our house.  Yes, mice.  Plural.

I shouldn't be surprised. Our house backs up to a nature preserve, so we see an abundance of wildlife.  But somehow we managed to make it all through last winter with nary a mouse in sight.

I thought we had immunity from these devils.  

But a month ago I was cleaning out our pantry, when I noticed a couple of graham crackers have been nibbled at. 

Uh oh.

I knew it was a mouse, but I figured that since I could find hardly any mouse droppings, it was just the one.  We set out traps and, lo and behold, we caught a mouse.

Feel my rath!

But late one night my husband went into the kitchen for a nighttime snack, and what was standing in the middle of our kitchen?  Another mouse, mocking him, daring him to set up more traps.  So, that's just what we did, and the next morning?  There were two mice was in the traps.

Take that, [explative of your choosing here.]

We still didn't find any mouse droppings, so we figured the problem was solved.  But a few days later, what did Husband find in the basement? A small mouse nest containing a sizable pile of almonds.  We never eat almonds.  Where did they come from?!

So, we set the traps out one more time, just in case.

And when I woke up the next morning, what sight greeted me in the kitchen?  Three mice.  Three mice.  Three.  It was like some sort of mouse suicide pact.


So I'm fed up.  We keep the kitchen nearly spotless, and keep our food wrapped up tightly.  There's been no more indications of mice in our abode, but now I'm paranoid.  I know those buggers are out there biding their time.  And when I let my guard down, they'll reappear, wrecking havoc on my already jangled nerves.



Anonymous said...

That sucks. I've caught mice at my parents' house before. Caught one in a red Solo cup as it jumped out of the pantry when I opened the door.

Also, I always thought the plural of mouse should be meese.

my honest answer said...

I've found the only thing that stops them is to elevate all food. Anything that is accesible from ground level they will eat - even if it's wrapped. I've seen them chew through two layers of plastic to get at chocolate!

Fox in the City said...

We have that problem here at work . . . nothing like a museum with century homes in the middle of a park to just welcome the critters in! Luckily I have not had that problem at home . . . but I have had to deal with bats in the house and that sucked.

Janie Jones said...

Sorry for your troubles, but you have to admit, they are adorable jerks.

Lindsay Schultz said...

I seem to recall a mouse problem growing up - it wasn't almonds, though, it was dog food... Before we ever owned a dog. We suspected the neighbor dogs Churchill and Bernie were their suppliers.

Betty Fokker said...

Remember, the little furry bastards may try to burn down your house. Death to mice! *maniacal laughter bordering on the edge of insanity*

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Josh - "meece" would make more sense.

@my honest answer - does chocolate kill mice (like it would a dog, or so they say)? If so, let them at it!

@Fox in the city - never had to deal with a bat, so I lucked out in that department!

@Janie - I tried to find the cutest photo of a mouse I could.

@Lindsay - your mom told me about the dog food thing! Bernie and Churchill probably were the suppliers, and then the mice would lie low down at your place.

@Betty - MUAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

Handflapper said...

I haven't used anything in my kitchen for months without first sanitizing it because those bastard mice are EVERYWHERE. Maybe your mice were potty trained, but our mice leave droppings in the pantry, the silverware drawer, on the counter, the stove, the dish drainer. . . And that bullshit about them not getting into stuff up high? Lies. Or we have special climbing monkey mice. And they are wise to traps.

Marianna Annadanna said...

No! I hate thsoe jerks. We get them in our basement sometimes, in the crawlspace. No matter how many holes hubby plugs, they always come in the house in the Fall. JERKS.

Almonds? Weird.