Tuesday, April 28, 2015


One of the things that kept me from blogging over the past couple years was that .... I was writing. Articles! For money! It has certainly been a satisfying endeavor that frankly for the most part had sucked the well of my writing waters dried. I simply had no energy for extra writing, and in a way it hurt. Most of my time in Oklahoma went unchronicled while I continued to live it. There are stories that may be told in the coming days. 

The story of us buying our first house, and the kindness we were shown by those who barely knew us when it came time to move. 

How difficult school drop-off time was for First Grader each and every day she was in Kindergarten and how bizarrely and unprecedentedly well she took to riding the bus in first grade. The fact that she is reading at a 4th grade reading level. 

How Kindergartner has made her very first best friend. In fact, when we told the kids that we were moving, Kindergartner’s very first reaction was, “I’m going to miss my best friend.” 

So, so much to say. It is my hope that I’ll have the drive, for now at least, to capture some of these moments, both past, present and future.