Saturday, April 25, 2015

Soccer, Or More Accurately, Football. Wait, What Country Am I In?

I am so proud of First grader playing soccer. Last year her team lost all but one game and she scored one goal all season. This year her team so far is 3 wins to 1 loss, and she has scored at least one if not more goals per game. Coming from someone who hated gym class and most organized sports and was always picked last, this makes me feel utterly relieved that she won’t have to go through the gym class hell that I went through. And now Kindergartener has assured me that come summertime she’ll be ready for soccer. I’m not sure why she picked that specific of a date, but hey, as long as she’s willing to try.

On another topic, my kids still watch Peppa Pig. Which means I still watch Peppa Pig. Which means I start thinking in a British accent. ‘Ello there gov’na! What’s all this noise about, then.

I feel like I’m slowly working my way towards more cohesive posts again. I don’t feel particularly witty or verbose, but it is such a relief to be writing and putting my thoughts out there, even if there is no one to hear. It’s like relearning to ride a bike. And everyone knows how good that turned out for me.