Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toddler Interrogations

My toddler is heading out of the "what's that?" stage. I fully expected the "why?" stage to come next.

Apparently there is another stage. The "what kind of?" stage.

Me: Here's a banana!

Toddler: What kind of banana?

Me: ?????

Replying "It's just a banana!" does not mollify her. So I have to get creative in my responses.

Me: "A yellow banana!"

See, isn't that creative?

Sometimes it's not so easy.

Me: "We're going to McDonald's!"

Toddler: "What kind of McDonald's?"

Me: "A happy McDonald's!"

Because apparently the sad McDonald's is out of our way. And the disgruntled McDonald's is out of happy meal toys (Yes this actually happened to me once. There were tears all around).

Scene: Toddler is eating crackers on the floor. Baby is trying to appropriate said crackers.

Me: Go sit on the couch so Baby won't get your crackers!

Toddler: What kind of couch?

We only have one couch.

Ah, my mini interrogator. Maybe she'll grow up to be a lawyer, just like her mama. Who doesn't actually practice law, but blogs instead.

Then again, maybe not.


BOSSY said...

Bossy is just entering her WHY stage now.