Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome To 2007. Here’s Your iPhone.

About two weeks ago my old cell phone kicked the bucket. 

My phone was touch-screen, but not a smartphone, and was ridiculously complicated to operate.  By the end of its life, it was more of a hit-screen.  And a swear-and-yell screen.  And after suffering weeks of physical and emotional abuse it hitched a ride out of this Podunk town, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, my contract was up anyways, garnering me a new phone at a “reasonable” cost.

Always remember, “reasonable” is subjective.

I considered “downgrading” to a phone with buttons but that seemed sort of lame, even to me.

So I got an iPhone.  This probably won’t end well.

I don’t have the greatest track-record with technology.   I’m slow to embrace it into my life, and when I do, I break it.

Case in point:  A couple years ago, at Husband’s urging, I purchased a MacBook.  I had it for 2 months and spilled coffee on the keyboard, breaking the trackpad.  We purchased an external mouse, but still.

I’m taking every precaution possible with this new phone.  Protective case.  Scratch-resistant film.  Animal sacrifice.

Still, I’m probably best off not touching the thing.  And that’s ok.  Because I hear smoke-signals are coming back into vogue.