Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mommy Ima

Mommy, Ima kitty!  At the carnival! Watch me on the ferris wheel!  MEEEOOOOOW!

This is how Preschooler usually greets me in the morning. Preschooler likes to pretend.  In fact, she is very rarely Preschooler.  Instead she is a princess, a doctor, a pirate, a pet-store owner, a chef, a mama, a zebra, a puppy.  It’s not just that she plays with her My Little Ponies or her stuffed animals, sending them on wild adventures, although she does do this.  It’s that she imagines herself to be something, and sends herself on a wild adventure.

At the same time, this amount of pretend play seems totally normal to me, if only because I engaged in so much pretend play as a child.  Best Friend and I met when were were 4 and 6 respectively, and for the next six years or so, we pretended pretty much everything.  We were doggies, we were mommies, we were teachers, we were astronauts. 

Eventually we outgrew pretending in favor of activities such as board-games and fingernail-painting.*  But out of that pretend play grew creative writing.  We’d write stories, poems, and even created newspapers.  We’d start novels that we never finished.  She inspired me to start blogging, and when I did she was the only one I told, if only because she knew me so intimately as a writer and she had seen me start and then give up on some many writing projects before.

So I’m thrilled to see Preschooler plays pretend.  I’m even more thrilled that Toddler is already following in Preschooler’s footsteps.

Who knows where this will take them?

*By the way, does anyone else remember having sleep-over parties where you all gave each other manicures, or experimented with make-up, or something like that?  Do teenagers even do these things anymore?  I’m pretty out of it.


Lindsay Schultz @sayschu said...

Maybe YOU outgrew pretending. I still go on wild adventures with my bosses and coworkers and clients.

They just don't know about it.

Betty Fokker said...

Lilo not only 'pretends' she holds that character so hard that by the time I pick her up form YMCA camp her friends and the staff wave and say, "Bye Miss Kitty Fluffy-Sparkles!" or whatever.

Marianna Annadanna said...

Hubby and I were JUST talking about this today. When he was a kid, he was always fixing things, taking apart toys and putting them back together, etc. I said i was just pretending. Making fake homework for a fake class of students, or talking to my imaginary friends.

But I can't fix anything to save my life.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Lindsay - Touche! I'll take you up on that whole "pretending in my head" thing, sounds like fun :)

@Betty - LOL! Now that's perseverance!

@Marianna - I can't fix anything either, although I've become an expert at cramming as many dirty dishes into the dishwasher as possible.

Ixy said...

Vivid creativity is the main thing I remember and miss about childhood. The world seemed so magical back then. I hope Sasha can hold onto the mystery and wonder of childhood for as long as possible!

And we had makeover/make-up parties when I was in junior high - don't know if they still do stuff like that either.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Ixy - Yes! "vivid curiosity" - I love that phrase!