Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Can't Make Your Children Get Along. WHO KNEW?

It is quarter-after-seven and I am exhausted. 

My children usually get along so well.  It’s cute.  And weird.  But mostly cute.

Preschooler would beg Toddler to play with her, and so long as “play with her” meant Toddler following Preschooler around while Preschooler issued orders, every one was happy.

Toddler would instigate wrestling matches with her sister, who happily complied.

The girls have been sharing a bedroom for the past six months, and both had grown so comfortable that one would not go to sleep unless the other was sleeping there too. 

But today?  Today was full of:







From both kids.  All. Day. Long.

Every toy that one child played with, the other child immediately wanted.  Preschooler wanted nothing to do with Toddler, who felt entitled to impose herself on whatever Preschooler was trying to do.  Distractions didn’t work.  Turn-taking didn’t work.  Time-outs didn’t work.

There was nothing I could do today that would make my children get along.  They just didn’t want to.

And I know, this is normal.  This is normal.

But so is my headache.


Fox in the City said...

Sounds like my house. Siblings are great when the get along . . . horrible when all they do is battle over everything.

Hopefully your headache is better and the kidlets decide to have a wonderful "get along" type of day. If not, shove them out in the backyard, close the doors and windows and let them figure out how to get along on their own! :)

Marianna Annadanna said...

Ouch. That sucks. I think you need separate rooms for them or something. Like observation chambers so you can watch them both through the front plaxi glass, but they can't see eachother.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

@Fox in the city - It just feels good to get this off my chest, and know I'm not alone.

@Marianna - what I need is MY OWN room where I can go in peace while they duke it out!