Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Is Too Short For Boring Summers

The older I get, the busier summers seem to get.  By June 21, my calendar is jammed with activities and obligations.  While this supplies me with a bevy of post ideas, it leaves me with little time to actually write these posts.

For example, here is what I have done with my summer so far:
  • I went to the zoo twice AND angered a host of ancient spirits.  Multi-tasking is essential if you are to have a good summer.
  • I DIDN'T take my kids to the beach. Apparently I also angered the ancient rain and sun gods.  I'm nothing if not consistent.
  • I took my kids to a free splash pad (i.e. park with a bunch of sprinklers), and due to the fact that I wore regular clothes instead of a swimsuit, I got soaked chasing Toddler around.  On the other hand, no one had to see me in a swimsuit, which is really a favor for every one involved. YOU'RE WELCOME.
  • I worked on some long overdue cleaning projects.  The top of our buffet is sort of a landing place for any sort of junk.  So I cleaned it off.  Then I loaded it up with more junk.  Then I cleaned it off again.  Now I have loaded it up with even more junk, so take a wild guess as to what I'll be doing tomorrow.
  • I weaned my Toddler off the pacifier.  And by weaned I mean NOT weaned.  One cry and I fold like a deck of cards.  At this rate she'll be taking that thing to college.
And here's what I have yet to do this summer:
  • Take my kids to the state fair, where they'll have their first encounter with toothless carnies and food-on-a-stick.  The memories will be treasured forever, I'M SURE. 
  • Continue using an excessive amount of CAPITAL LETTERS in my posts.  I'm like the opposite of e.e. cummings.
  • Take Preschooler to see her first movie, "Winnie-the-Pooh." Hopefully it won't provide her with a deep-seated fear of bears and Rasinets.
  • Go on a family vacation to northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It will be just like the Griswolds but with more poop.  Note to self: buy water-wings. And Pepto-Bismol. And more wine.  Lots more wine.
  • Teach Preschooler the difference between boys and girls.  She is VERY interested as of late, and she has no brothers.  This should be fun for every one involved.
So what are your summer vacation plans?  After all, I'm always looking for new ways to traumatize my children and myself. Life is too short to be bored.


    Fox in the City said...

    Hum, I agree we are rather booked solid. We have the zoo, birthday parties, splash pads, the cottage, soccer, more birthday parties and hopefully even more time at the cottage.

    Crazy busy and I do admit to liking it that way. No time to get bored and thus whine about being bored. I CANNOT STAND WHINING! I do however rather enjoy your use of capitals and thus had to follow suit.

    Eric@I've Become My Parents said...

    First of all, you HAVE TO USE CAPITALS--it's the only way I can hear your blog over my music.

    Besides being quite funny, your post has reminded me that my family has, for all intents and purposes, no life. We're going to visit my mother-in-law, which is both the exact opposite of a vacation and the only trip we'll be able to afford this summer. Pretty much the rest of the summer will be spent recovering through intense psychotherapy and lots of alcohol.

    Funny post, thanks for the afternoon laugh!

    Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

    @Fox in the City - Oh, the whining. Can't. Stand. It.

    @Eric - I KNEW I had a good reason for using all caps!

    Marianna Annadanna said...

    I think the boys VS girls talk is enough for one summer. Maybe I'll make that the activity for this weekend with Hubby.

    Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

    I shall call you C.C. GOINGS

    Stasha said...

    Perfecting the art of doing nothing. You should try it. It's all that!

    Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

    @Marianna - I shall keep you updated. We've tried explaining it, but are met with blank stares. Next step - get an age-appropriate book from the library. Should be fun.

    @Elliot - C.C. Goings? I LOVE IT!!!

    Betty Fokker said...

    My two oldest do YMCA day camp all summer. Healthy young people amuse them in the heat and bugs and dirt and pool while I play with the baby in my air-conditioned living room. This is the only evidence of my high IQ that I've every really produced.

    Craftwhack said...

    I like the state fair and carnies idea. I try to keep the kids busy while I can keep an eye on them but sit on my ass, i.e. the pool. cc goings, hahaha.

    Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

    @Betty - I can't wait until my kids are old enough for some kind of camp!

    @Craftwhack - I too try to entertain them in ways that allow me to remain seated in a chair, inside or out.