Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am usually dragged kicking and screaming towards new technologies - by husband, who loves that which is innovative and shiny.

Our printer isn’t just a printer.  It can also scan, copy and fax.  I refuse to acknowledge these capabilities, even after Husband showed me for the fourth time how to line the little picture up in the corner of the machine and press “print.” 

This is totally at odds with the fact that I’ve worked in office environments for many a year, and can competently use a xerox machine.  I can even open up the doors to remove a paper jam AND put them back together.  I should get a degree or something.

I also have a really hard time using touch-screen technology.  My phone is touchscreen.  I constantly dial the wrong number, even after it was programmed to recognize the intentions of my short, stubby fingers.

My old iPod finally bit the dust, so I purchased an iPod Nano. I can’t make it work.  My short stubby fingers also don’t want me to listen to the dulcet tones of Kenny Rodgers.

So, I feel conflicted.  On one hand, I’m really lucky to have access to these confusing new technologies.  But if left to my own devices, I’d probably still be walking around with a walkman.

Maybe a discman. 

If you want to get fancy.


Jessica said...

Did you write this for me?....Because HELLO technology I will never understand and continue to break.

It has gotten so bad that I am no longer allowed to turn on the TV...and when I'm home alone I literally push the "on" button ON the TV, the thing that makes noise come out (whatever that is called) and the DiecTV box.

And I'm just fine with my three-step process.

Angela said...

I also prefer pressing the "on" button ON the tv, etc. Remotes and I do not mix.